The Peninsula Run

I have been flying in Mexico for the better part of ten years, the last several in support of SCORE, creator of the iconic, enigmatic BAJA 1000.  It is difficult to explain the nature and sheer enormity of the spectacle that are these offroad races, but suffice it to say it involves thousands of people, millions of dollars, a small fleet of helicopters and planes and a dedicated group of questionably crazy drivers.    

I fly with the race director and an emergency room doctor, and we spend most of our time managing the crises of the moment and, invariably, transporting the wounded to local hospitals or airports for evacuation back to the States.  It's all intricately played out, and all spur of the moment.

Below is a photo of the helicopter I flew last weekend on the 2012 BAJA 1000.    The race began in Ensenada, just south of San Diego, and ended in La Paz, just north of Cabo San Lucas.  

Mexico is, by the way, a stunningly beautiful place, although you must compartmentalize its natural scenery from the inverterate disaster of its infrastructure and the grinding poverty of its people.  

The Squirrel