Australia Ho!

Stewart and I are headed to Australia tomorrow evening, for the auspicious occasion of his daughter Caroline graduating from college with an urban and regional planning degree.  With honors, of course.  We are quite proud to say the least, as this is the culmination of years of hard work while simultaneously raising her child and single-handedly managing her household.   

So in case you may not be up on our genealogical trees, here's a quick primer:  Stewart has a son named Chris and a daughter named Caroline.  Caroline has a son named Liam Cody, who is Stewart's eldest grandson.  Caroline met a gentlemen also by the name Liam Cody, no biological relation and no small coincidence that his and her son's names matched, but that's another story.  Liam the Senior was Australian, and so upon their marriage Caroline and Liam the Junior emigrated to Melbourne, where they live today.  Alone, most unfortunately, as Liam the Senior passed away several years ago from cancer.  

Son Chris is married to Marianne (both of whom will be at the graduation as well).  Chris has two sons from a previous marriage, Ethan and Grayson, and Marianne has one son Andrew and two daughters Mary and Allison from a previous marriage.   The whole crew resides in the general vicinity of Spokane Washington, with the exception of Mary who is currently somewhere in the vicinity of Durango Colorado.  

Anyhoo, Stewart and I will be in Sydney for five days and Melbourne for the remainder of our trip.  Stand by for a limited barrage of photos.