Die, Rabbit. Plus Dallas, Salt Lake and Seattle

This afternoon I finally dedicated the time to apply repellent to our yard which, over the course of the past several months, has been quietly and systematically decimated by a colony of rabbits.  On some level I can appreciate that the rabbits might not fully comprehend the devastation they are wreaking on our lawn.  But at the same time I can't help but suspect an underlying tone of vindictiveness, as while they lay waste to our grass they are simultaneously defecating virtually everything they eat, in the form of thousands of little pellets, that cover the barren dirt they leave behind.  

For their sake I hope the repellent works, because next  up are traps.  Philosophically I am very much opposed to killing wildlife, but like the ill-fated ground squirrels that came and died before them, these rabbits have crossed the line and must pay.  

The repellent, by the way, smells strongly of putrid eggs with secondary notes of stale vomit and a hint of garlic that appears after the initial wave of nausea subsides.  The few flies that we have in San Diego immediately took notice of the spraying, and began circling my head in earnest shortly after I commenced the application process. 


A few weeks ago I completed a second helicopter cross country, this time from Dallas to California.  I was there when the tornadoes touched down just south of the city, and a day before they hit in Oklahoma.  It was a solo trip, as Stewart was in Salt Lake helping in the renovation of nephew Stephen Bornhoft's first home, along with his brother Greg.  Then last weekend we flew to Seattle for Matthew and Ben's wedding in the SODO district.  It was beautiful, and we were grateful to have been a part of it.  Below is a picture taken at the venue, note the jackalope head mounted on the far wall with a semi-automatic rifle carved into his antlers.  And so went the evening.  

Art and (Colonel) Tom, Stephen and (Colonel) Stewart, (General) Tammy and Tracey

Art and (Colonel) Tom, Stephen and (Colonel) Stewart, (General) Tammy and Tracey