Things I Learned After Three Days In West Virginia

1.  There is a lot of roadkill in West Virginia, nearly all of it large deer, and large deer can leave an amazingly large bloody mess all over the highway.

2.  At least a few people still remember Madalyn O'Hair*, and while dead for nearly 20 years she still has the ability to grate the sensibilities of evangelical christians.  (And no, I did not bring her up in conversation.)

3.  The use of the term 'faggot', even with someone you barely know and who happens to be a faggot himself, still happens.  

4.  Venison, when done right, can actually be pretty good.  

5.  Left to my own devices I would show up the full two hours before an airline flight.  But there is no good reason to show up that early in Morgantown.  

6.  You need a serious ice scraper for your car in late October in West Virginia. 

7.  One can get an urban hunting license here.  Officially you need permission of your neighbor should you notice a deer in his front lawn on your way to work, but otherwise be sure to roll down your passenger side window before pulling the trigger.  

8.  Politics is still all about the preservation of the coal industry, West Virginia's way of life.  

*Famous atheist and named 1964's Most Hated Woman In America, after winning a court battle over bible reading in public schools.