Retirement Part II

We have been busy.  Much busier than I thought retirement would be, actually, and in all honesty I have only caught myself wearing sweatpants or pajamas after 2 p.m. on only three occasions.  

Stewart has been working far more than planned, due to a project that has turned into a  Sisyphean hell brought about by the client's breathtaking incompetence.   That, and one of the company's key project managers resigned, leaving him to transition his already-transitioned work to others.  

I've had a slightly easier go of it, working some for SDG&E (the local power company) and flying occasionally for Corporate Helicopters of San Diego.  This past week I flew a new bird off the production line in Grand Prairie, TX, back to San Diego (more on that in another entry), and I have done a few other charter flights here and there.  Just enough flying to keep me alert and on edge, I suppose.

We spent much of January with our good friend Reverend Mark Beckett who was in town (Mark married us in 2008), and catching up with other friends as well.  But local, for the most part.

Finally, we are ramping up the vacation schedule, and it would appear we are headed to the Galapagos Islands for 8 days, and Australia for a few weeks with Caroline.  And a bunch of U.S. trips in between.  Time to go shopping, I believe.