"During the era of National Socialism (1933-1945) many of Munich's local citizens avoided going near the eastern side of the Military Commanders' Hall (Feldherrhalle) on Odeonsplatz.  Situated on Odeonsplatz was a memorial for those who died taking part in Hitler's Putsch on 9 November 1923.  Two uniformed and armed SS guards struck up a pose there day and night as a guard of honour.   Anyone passing by was required to raise his or her arm in the 'Heil Hitler' greeting.  A large number of people who would otherwise have passed the guards therefore took the detour through the Viscardigasse in order to reach Odeonsplatz.  This led to the street being called 'Druckebergergassi' or 'Shirker's Lane' in the everyday language of the locals.   With this winding trail of bronze set into the cobblestones on the lane, [artist] Bruno Wank reminds us of this silent form of opposition among Munich's population."