Christmas Cheer

Stewart and I have been careful in the purchasing of non-consumable things while in Europe, with the expectation that we would eventually be returning to the States and would, subsequently, have to schlep all of our collective crap back.  

We made an exception to our cautious purchasing habits this week, though.  I really enjoy the Christmas season, more than any other occasion of the year, and so we bought a live Christmas tree, lights, and some ornaments.  Plus some small decorations to put around the home.  And a German Christmas pyramid, lol.  

It's all been worth it.  Our home has a little bit of that holiday feel, and given the lull in my job during the past month I have been home quite a lot and have been able to enjoy it with Stewart.  And perhaps more importantly, our whole journey to Europe has been about creating memories, about experiencing new things but also finding out what grounds us from day to day.  And Christmas, and the memories of Christmas past, are one of my unique connections that I want to keep hold of.  

Plus who knew IKEA sold live Christmas trees for 14 Euros.