Day 13

I have nearly two weeks of training completed, including two trips to downtown London (to a helipad on the Thames) and one trip to downtown Paris, where we landed next to France's version of the Pentagon.  And one landing so far on the Client's yacht, which I cannot even begin to describe.   Tomorrow begins my shipboard training, hopefully, and then I'll be a little bit closer to going it alone.  

Stewart left Surrey Dr. last night, and is driving north to Spokane.  He has had two grueling weeks of preparing the home for our move, preceded by three grueling weeks of preparation with my part-time help and Mark's whirlwind week of support.   I'm not sure either of us imagined how mentally and physically hard it would be to pack up our belongings, stuff most of it in the basement, and then fix, clean, and prepare the home for our tenants.  And for Stewart to do the hardest part mostly alone, he is completely exhausted.  I say 'mostly' because several of our wonderful neighbors pitched in to help get us across the finish line, and for their efforts we are immensely grateful.   

Stewart will be with his son and two grandkids through the 23rd of July, and then he flies from Seattle to Nice and joins me here, where we will then travel to see our new abode in Bergamo.  

I haven't taken photos yet, my apologies, but it's been chaotic and hectic, with little time for anything but studying, training, and sleeping.