Two Paragraph Book Report: The Fear Of Physics

I just finished the audio book The Fear of Physics by Dr. Lawrence Krauss.  It is fascinating to me that I was able to listen for the better part of 6 hours (during trips between home and Cannes, typically), comprehending at times next to nothing, and yet I was still captivated.  I almost understood Einstein's theory of relativity at the end of it, but not the concept time being relative.  Still blows my mind.   And the fact that merely observing a particle can change its behavior, an idea I cannot yet comprehend no matter how much I think about it, and yet...fascinating.  

It is humbling that this book is often used as a physics primer in college, presumably for students far smarter than I and that are headed off to distinguished science careers.  Which is fine, I have accepted my lot in life, but the uncaring, undirected yet magical universe never fails to impress in both its simplicity and strangeness.  Recommendation:  two rotors up.