Holiday 2016 Reader Recap, Part 1

Greetings all.  A quick recap of the last 18 months: 

1.  Stewart and I moved to Europe in the summer of 2015 after I was offered a serendipitously cool job.  We are currently living in Ponteranica, Italy, in the foothills of the Italian Alps.  If you have a map, find Milan and then look to the north-northeast.  

2.  I'm flying a private client to and from his yacht and here and yonder around the Mediterranean.  If you're familiar with The Game of Thrones, "the client has no name."  Even if I told you, it wouldn't help:  he's a non-celebrity amongst us common-folk.  

3.  Stewart is still retired.  You'll find him most days either on Facebook, at a Toastmasters meeting, or at the grocery store in the Italian meats section. 

4.  Life in Europe is quite different from the U.S., in many ways.  They're not big on ice cubes here, for example.  Plus you run into some amazing 500+ year old piece of history about as often as you'd run into a Starbucks back the States.  

5.  We try and travel as much as we can.  Northern Italy is often the destination, although we've been to Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland over the past year (and to France quite a bit for me, for work.)

6.  We still have our home in San Diego, where we will return some day.  Our Italian landlords are our American tenants.  

7.   We are moving to Dublin next summer.  On a related note, Stewart is now an Irish Citizen.