Where I've Been So Far


Although it is not necessarily below me, I keep records of my whereabouts not for vanity but for the IRS, who takes a keen interest when I leave its immediate jurisdiction.  My time in France has all been for work, in Ireland all for pleasure, and Italy and Germany a mix of the two.  We traveled to Greece for our big birthdays this year, to Barcelona prior to the Catalonia independence movement troubles, and a brief stop in Switzerland on the way through to Germany.  The UK was a mix of work and vacation too, and includes our big trip to Scotland for the Clan Macnab International Gathering.  In August we traveled back to Kentucky, Ohio and DC for a wedding and to catch up with friends and family.  

The rest of 2017 will be in Ireland, with Stewart's brother and sister-in-law arriving for the holidays, and me traveling to the U.S. and Caribbean for work beginning in November.  More on that later.