Holiday Travel Catch Up

Alrighty, a quick catch up of the year.  A little short on the details, but needs be when the devil drives.  

Dec 2016:  Trip to the Netherlands.  Windmills, art everwhere, wooden shoes, the fascination of Amsterdam, and dikes of course.   January 2017:  Stewart's overdue hernia surgery in Landstuhl, Germany.  February:  we turn 50 and 70, celebrate in Greece--Athens, Olympia, Delphi, ancient history galore.   Barcelona for a week, before the independence troubles began.  March:  Sicily, Mt. Etna, Agrigento. 

April:  a week in Berlin, followed by 5 days in Dublin for house-hunting.  Found a great place, and we sign the lease agreement.  May:  Chris, Marianne and Mary visit, three days later we move to Ireland.   June:  Dubin Pride, a trip to visit relatives in County Donegal, a trip to London to see the Chang-Esteys, then August:  the International Gathering of the Clan Macnab in Killin Scotland and marching in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo; whirlwind trip back to Kentucky/Ohio/DC to visit relatives and attend cousin's wedding.  

September Mark Beckett's visits, October Cousin Jay visits, November I'm back in Lexington with my parents for Thanksgiving for the first time in ages and Stewart headed to Milan for Toastmasters.  Then down to Miami for work, back to Dublin in December, Greg and Heidi coming for Christmas.   2017, done.  

It has been a year of poignancy, of heavy travel schedules, and once again schlepping our collective crap from one location to another.  All of it unforgettable, most of it in a good way.