Resolution #1, Update 1

The first week of weight loss has been bearable.  I find it impossible to count calories, so my main lines of attack were the avoidance of the obvious--scones, ice cream, and the like--plus two days of semi-fasting, from after lunch to breakfast the next morning.   I did not give up alcohol, because Ireland, and what I consider my one addiction, diet soda, I have limited myself to one can a day.  I have also not begun an exercise regimen, as I have found in the past that I have difficulty managing a simultaneous reduction in caloric intake and an increase in calories consumed. 

That being said I am resigned to the fact that my body will soon catch wind of my plans, and so additional measures will be required as it dials back the metabolism.  But Oprah Winfrey looked great at the Golden Globes last night, so if she can do it, so can I.  


weight loss.png