May Already Part 2

Okay, I knew I forgot one big trip off the previous post.  

I ferried a helicopter from Pittsburgh to Thermal California (just east of Palm Springs) several weeks ago.  A little over 16 hours of flight time, just under 1,200 gallons of fuel consumed, and 1,800 nautical miles covered.  Below is my flight plan; a little bit erratic around Kansas, due to weather, and several brief diversions to look at opportune areas of interest, all legitimate of course.  The best part is that Stewart was able to accompany me from St. Louis on, and the second-best part was being able to see Mark, Chris, and Sam at my fuel stop in Columbus.  

This was one of those epic trips, in that is was a coast-to-coast view of the U.S. from a thousand feet above the ground--just beautiful, if not slightly flat around Oklahoma.

2013-04-06 10.40.25.png