leaf peeing and sundry things part 2

Whoops, sorry for the time gap, this is a continuation post of our New England trip in October.  

After Vermont we headed down to New York City, first stopping in Kingston to visit with Stewart's niece, Andi.  Andi is an architect working in a very architechy building and in a newly renovated architechy home (well done, Andi!).  While in Kingston we visited the "four corners", the only intersection in the U.S. whose four buildings predate the Revolutionary War.  We also visited Opus 40 just outside of Kingston, a jaw dropping lifetime art project made out of stone using only old-world quarry techniques.  

Then to New York City, to visit friend Peter Buotte.  We ate NY bagels for breakfast, with about a pound of cream cheese on them, spread by the guy behind the counter who does not have more than five seconds to stand there while you figure out what the hell you want.   We visited museums, the 9/11 Memorial, the High Line Park, the Statue of Liberty (my first time), and about a gazillion other places, all packed into three days.  Below is a photo of Stewart and Peter at a local German restaurant.  Good beer and sauerkraut.

After NYC, we attended Stewart's 45th Annual US Military Academy (USMA) (aka West Point) reunion.  I was the only male spouse there, and the only noticeably younger spouse there, too, lol (okay, I'm no spring chicken, granted, but I'm not 67 either).  But I was generally very well received, and we had a great time.   

Following West Point we traveled to Connecticut and Rhode Island, having lunch with Stewart's cousin George and his partner Jack, then dinner with Stewart's Cousin Steve, his wife Gloria, and his Aunt Mary.    Boston the next few days with gracious hosts Dan and Laura, during which we whirlwinded the historic downtown area and environs.  My favorites were the Harvard Natural History Museum, and the Boston Atheneum .  Both were marvelous.