things i learned after six days in north and south carolina

1.  The first highway one encounters coming out of Charlotte is the Billy Graham Highway, and once on the Billy Graham Highway one immediately will see signs to the Billy Graham Library.   Normally that would make me instantly hate this State, as the "threat" of marriage equality during the last Presidential election cycle was the one issue that brought Graham out of the shadows, to rail against the LGBT community with full page ads in national newspapers.  But now that marriage equality is the law of the land in North (and South!) Carolina,  it makes me sort of happy, with just the slightest hint of schaudenfruede.  

2.  One should really drive the speed limit here, there are cops everywhere.  

3.  Google maps is not aware of where the North Carolina town I was driving through dispatches its two thousand school buses, all at the same time. 

4.  The politics of Ayn Rand seem to be a thing here, along with the politics of being victimized by the hordes of welfare leeches.   And the illegal Mexicans, taking white people's jobs.    When I note that the only reason the strawberries they're snacking on don't cost ten bucks a pint is because some hapless Mexican is picking them twelve hours a day, seven days a week for less than what a McDonald's cashier makes, they seem perplexed. 

5.  They make ground ambulances with a semi-truck front and rear cabin to match.  Impossibly huge.  

6.  With a thousand dollar (or so) investment, you can reload your own bullet shells at home.  Because "you don't know what kind of shape this country will be in, in 30 years."

7.  As a long time Southern California resident, I have to say--Charlotte traffic sucks.