tamania, ho!

We just returned from a trip to Tasmania, that small island just south of the southeast corner of Australia.  Not to be confused with Tanzania, which apparently happened more than once before we left. 

We camper-vanned the whole thing, ten days; a first for me, and it generally turned out great.  Stewart and I met up with daughter Caroline and grandson Liam in Melbourne, and then we flew to Hobart, staying a few days before heading up the eastern seaboard.  Then inland to the mountains and back to Hobart.  Caroline's boyfriend Ed accompanied us for the first several days, and was unrelentingly gracious as we traipsed from one place to the next.  

I've never really considered myself a nature freak as it were, although I do like granola and loose-fitting pants, but as in Peru and Ecuador my favorite part of the trip was experiencing the flora and fauna of the island: penguins, kangaroos, paddymelons, wombats, tasmanian devils; pristine, world-class beaches, rain forests, waterfalls, mountains and mountainous lakes.  All quite beautiful, and all nearly vacant as Australian schools were still in session.  

Below is a photo of us with a glimpse of Wineglass Bay in the background (more photos in the travel section of this webpage).  By at least a few subjective critics Wineglass has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.