My Job In A Nutshell

So my job.  Generally I will be flying a single, high net-worth individual and his assigns on and off his yacht and here and yonder, wherever he and/or the yacht may be.  Generally that will take place in the Mediterranean, and often in and around the Cote d’Azur (Cannes, Nice area), although he has been known to travel worldwide.  I will be working as an independent contractor to LuviAir (, a company based in the Isle of Man.   The client’s name is not necessarily super-secret, but it’s not common knowledge and so I don’t mention it.  Even if I did you more than likely would not know or recognize him.

My current work shift cycle is two weeks on, two weeks off, with my duty periods generally not involving being embarked on the ship, although that will occasionally happen.   There is no schedule per se; when the client is around it is generally quite busy, and when he’s gone, the pace could slow down considerably.  Which is when I’ll be studying French…! 

 For those more technically/helicopterly inclined:  it’s an EC145, SPIFR, with a flight engineer as a safety pilot.  Eight passenger capacity, Cat A operations where possible.  I will operate under my FAA ticket rather than an EASA one, as it’s a private operation.    No NVG’s, unfortunately, so I will have to reacquaint myself with fantastically dark overwater flights.