Day Three

It is Sunday, the third day of my European adventure.  I would like to say that my trip here was uneventful, but I experienced a series of unfortunate events along the way, culminating in Germanwings losing my two pieces of checked baggage.  Which they have yet to find.  A hundred pounds of clothes and shoes, gone.  

Tomorrow I begin my induction training here in Stansted (just north of London), which lasts through Friday, and then I will board a flight to Nice.  Stewart's plan is to drive to Spokane in a week or so, drop the car off at his son Chris', and then fly to Nice on July 24th.   On July 28th we will arrive at our home for the next two years, and begin the acclimation process into Europe.

In the meantime Stewart is continuing to pack and to ready our Surrey Dr. home for our tenants.  I don't need to tell this to anyone who has moved, but having to touch all of your earthly possessions, decide if you're going to keep, trash, store, or donate it, and then deal with it accordingly is a daunting task.  Our friend Mark Beckett came out from Ohio for a week's worth of doing just that, but even after his efforts it seems there is so much left to do, and Stewart is alone doing it, unfortunately.  The good news is that he has managed to fit all of our stored items into the basement, and so we will not need a storage unit.  

I am eternally trepidatious about what we're doing, but excited as well, for both Stewart and me.  I may feel differently after tomorrow's training, but even if it were to all come to an end prematurely, it was still a fun ride.  

Except for the luggage.  I am really ticked about the luggage.