Luck Of The Irish

Stewart is on the cusp of being an Irish Citizen.  By virtue of his grandmother being born on the Emerald Isle, and by way of a quirky law granting him citizenship for his biological association with her, Ireland is about to inscribe his name in the Foreign Births Register.  

It was a long process and a lot of hard work, made even more difficult in that his relatives, in the intervening years of their lives, were not entirely honest with government authorities.  It was apparently scandalous for a wife to be older than her husband by more than a few years, and so the grandmother suddenly became younger when stepping onto Ellis Island.  There was a time when being Irish was shameful, and so on his Mom's wedding certificate her Irish ancestry turned into Scottish.  But Stewart worked through it all, diligently, and now it would appear it's all been a great success.  

A success, nearly to the day, of the 100th year of Ireland's Easter Uprising.  

(update:  it's happened.  Stewart is now a dual citizen...!)