Turning 50, Part 1: Introduction

So next year I turn 50.  I understand I'm not the first to reach the milestone, and I do not expect anything earth-shattering to happen on my birthday, save for the continuation of a slightly-after-midlife crisis.  But in any case it's hard escaping the numerical weight of it, and the fact I feel accountable for how I've spent what seems to be like an inordinate amount of time here on Earth.  

In a series of posts I will try as best I can to account for my life, the good and the ugly, and maybe do a little prognosticating about what lies ahead.  It's a good exercise for everyone to do, as I've always believed we should reflect on our lives, at whatever age, and to try to do so objectively, dispassionately.  My own life has certainly ebbed and flowed, meandered most certainly, but at times taken on a bent of purpose and intent.  And I thought as I plow through my 50th year of life that an accounting of all those years would not only be useful to me, but for my friends and family to get to know me better.  I'll try not to overshare, but if gets too much to bear, just scroll on through. 

(to be continued....)